Blue Bungalow uses Insightech to amplify online sales 4X for shoppers who see reviews

Key Results with Insightech:

✔️ 4X higher conversion rate across mobile and desktop for users who viewed reviews

✔️ Significantly reduced time developers spent identifying site issues

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content analysis
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Crystal clear insights your
whole team can get behind

Launch new page designs with confidence

Launching a new page design is stressful without crystal clear insights backed up by data. Use Insightech to understand how to redesign and launch your website pages so they drive the most conversions and revenue.

Key Features:

✅ Page Analysis (Click and scrolling heatmaps)
✅ Form Analytics and Reporting
✅ Chrome Extension which can turn your website into a dashboard

content analysis
funnel analysis

Easily diagnose why conversion rates drop due to user experience issues

When website sales suddenly drop it is all hands to battle stations. Insightech eliminates this stress by providing the tools and expert knowledge your team needs to identify where website visitors hit conversion roadblocks. Use built-in dashboards, funnels and customer journey visualisations to share these insights across your business.

Key Features:
✅ Built-in dashboards
✅ Advanced conversion funnels and reports
✅ Automatic anomaly detection sending custom alerts to your internal communication channels (eg. Slack or Microsoft Teams)

Identify and resolve individual customer issues

When customers log support tickets or leave feedback it can be hard to resolve without further information. With Insightech you can find specific customer issues or common error scenarios. Understand the frequency these issues have affected website visitors and measure the conversion impact.

Key Features:
✅ Interactive session replays
✅ Create custom audience segments from user behaviour
✅ Pathing report to understand where visitors go next

sharing insights

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