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Blue Bungalow achieves 16X ROI from content analysis with Insightech

"In a matter of weeks, we uncovered an incremental revenue opportunity with Insightech that delivered an ROI of 16X"
- Emma Filliponi, E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager

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Understand why traffic doesn't convert

You no longer have watch every session replay from start to finish to find relevant user experiences. Create powerful audience segments based on how visitors interacted with your website.

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Maximise ROI by integrating with Adobe Analytics

Integrate with your existing technology stack - including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and BI tools.

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Grow revenue by lifting conversion rates

Faster problem solving with tools for form, content and funnel analysis. Understand why customers don't convert.

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📐Use Cases

✔️ Remove friction from purchase journeys

Recreate website bugs and friction points along the user journey. Quickly fix bugs impacting conversion rates and create a seamless digital customer experience.

✔️ Understand the revenue impact of specific content

Blend page scroll behaviour with sales data to understand what customers need to see or interact with to convert (eg. reviews, FAQs, shipping information)

✔️ Faster diagnosis of funnel abandonment

Identify why key audience segments important to your business drop out of the funnel. Speed up your A/B testing by prioritising high impact changes.

⚙️How it works

Track Website Interactions with Funnel Analysis

Track and improve your customer journey, including micro-conversions. Optimise down to the smallest level such as Member Logins, LiveChat Starts, Form Submissions, Newsletter Sign-Ups, Click to call etc.

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Analyse Website Content Engagement

With Insightech's content analysis, you can draw key insights about the components from your website to improve customer experience for future revenue opportunities.

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Analyse website abandonment with funnels

Funnels are an effective way to determine the steps taking by a user once they enter your website until they convert. These 'conversion' funnels can be used to understand where and why certain users drop off from your website.

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